The 2016 Dot to Dot Festival makes it’s return to the mighty Thekla Bristol! Aboard were plenty of fresh talent and gorgeous weather to top it all off.

Joining an stacked line up throughout the venues surrounding Bristol’s harbourside, Thekla played host to several acts, fresh and full of talent. Notable performances included Cardiff’s Estrons with a lively front(wo)man thrashing around her punk rock vocals along with her bleach blonde hair.

The infamous vessel also featured a performance from Liss, a young group from Denmark who recently signed their debut release with XL Recordings. The audience could not help but groove along to their modern soulful melodies and smooth vocals – one was left feeling a flashback straight to the 70’s.

© Sarah Koury www.kouryvindaloo.com

The most notable performance of all would be La Boum Fatale – a feast for the eyes with their performance that features live guitar, analog synths and a simple yet impressive light display synced to the music. The  performance featured most of their latest album ‘Holygram’ which leaves the listener pleasantly surprised by the sounds considering the origin of the music being from tech-heavy Berlin.

© Sarah Koury www.kouryvindaloo.com

Amongst the eclectic sounds, refreshing drinks and delicious local food, was the enjoyment by all who attended. You can check out the full gallery from Vindaloo Arts here

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