UK-based record label Inspected announced their 4th annual Movember campaign earlier this week, proudly contributing to a long-standing cause that has raised over hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide for men’s health. The campaign’s veterans include some of the UK’s finest producers KOAN Sound, Culprate and Asa. Each year, a fourth producer is invited to collaborate with and this year’s addition features the unmistakable sounds of New Zealand born producer Opiuo

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For those who follow the artists’ work, the Movember collaborations are always a satisfying reflection of the unique and familiar flavours of each artist involved. This year’s track, entitled ‘If You Hadn’t’, opens with a smooth chord progression and lively synth often observed in KOAN’s funk-laden body of work. A set of haunting vocals, undoubtedly Asa’s speciality, bring us into a catchy hip hop beat decorated with KOAN’s wet drumlines and Opiuo’s cutting synths, even more notable in the breakdown. The second progression highlights Culprate’s youthful melodies combined with darker sound design, masterfully blending the distinguishable work of the others to finish.FacebookPhoto_071015_DSC_6480

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FacebookPhoto_061015_DSC_6300This year’s campaign has proven to be incredibly well-received, meeting the total amount of donations from the previous year in just 24 hours. The official film is done by the brilliant Kasper Ploughmand, whilst London-based artist Funilab contributed the official artwork.

FacebookPhoto_061015_DSC_6143 FacebookPhoto_061015_DSC_6243Known for its exceptional and carefully-curated vision, Inspected continues to be both a great inspiration and influence, with their investment in the creation of a beautiful piece of music to highlight an important cause.  Please show your support and donate here.FacebookPhoto_061015_DSC_6443FacebookPhoto_061015_DSC_6400


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