Ghetto Funk is a Bristol-based label, agency & management firm notorious for its exclusive representation of the ‘burgeoning party-break scene’. In between running a multi-award winning record label and hosting it’s own events & festivals, Ghetto Funk are the backbone behind a sterling roster of artists, both international veterans and the next generation of party-break producers.FacebookPhoto_011114_DSC_8103

Notable artists include Barry Ashworth, founder of UK’s infamous Dub Pistols,  and Dutty Moonshine who are staples within the UK’s electro-swing circuit. With the establishment of their label’s blog, Ghetto Funk are so present with the genre that they are able to snatch up & coming producers including WBBL and DJ P.FacebookPhoto_011114_DSC_8082

GF artists also present an eclectic array of talents in additions to production & djing. Ghetto Funk pride themselves in backing 2 x World DMC Champion JFB- a Brighton-based scratch master high in demand worldwide. Also featured are PRofit and Natty Speaks, two vibrant and equally popular MC’s on the scene, both together and in their own respective right. A personal favourite would be the beautiful voice of Berlin-based producer Tigerlight, known for her interactive live set.FacebookPhoto_011114_DSC_8179

FacebookPhoto_031114_DSC_8906Ghetto Funk boast a world-wide reputation for the facilitation and execution of all things party-breaks and with the addition of an agency, hold the keys to a scene in it’s entirety.

For more information, please visit there website here.

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