On October 24th, Twenty Four Hours in Bristol hosted a photography competition entitled ‘Army of the Night’. This competition was set out to observe and capture the night works of Bristol. It is said that 1 in 8 Bristolians work at night. Considering this and city’s receipt of the 2015 Purple Flag Award, this competition provided an excellent opportunity to honour those who work so tirelessly while the rest enjoy their slumber. On this particular evening, the workers had to work the hour of 02:00am twice!

The Purple Flag is national recognition of Bristol’s successful, well-managed city centre and  acknowledgement that the city centre is an exciting place to visit and enjoy at night time. -Bristol City Centre BID

I entered the competition on behalf of one of my biggest contracts, Thekla, and to my pleasant surprise, two of the four images submitted were shortlisted to be in the official exhibition. This mark’s my debut into the exhibition world and better yet, it was completely unexpected. Furthermore, the long exposure piece was selected for the GWR Prize Winner and mayor’s pick.


GWR Prize winner, entitled ‘Little Do We Know’.

For the image, my intention was to utilize long exposure to give the subject matter a stagnant affect while the rest of the environment was in motion, apathetically unware. This post is so easily overlooked by the patrons even though the security guard plays an important role for their safety and comfort. The location featured in the image is a particularly sore spot for the club and receives the highest amount of congestion at its peak hours. What is undoubtedly a monotonous responsibility is equally paramount and one that receives little appreciation if any at all. More often then not, it is a constant while the world passes it by, unacknowledged. For those who are familiar with my work know that I have an ongoing exploration and development with long exposure photography and to see it recognised is reward in itself.


The second image featured in the exhibition, entitled ‘Cloakroom’.

‘The Army of the Night’ exhibition featured at the Harbourside Arts Centre throughout December and the winning photograph received a feature in the December issue of The Bristol Magazine.



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