MoMo Mixed Abilities Dance Theatre brings together a diverse community of artists, whose purpose it is to remove barriers and facilitate artistic expression and the pure joy of movement-based improvisation, both in community settings and performance.

-Mark Ikeda, Artistic Director

MoMo is Calgary’s first ever integrated dance company in Western Canada. It is a not-for-prophet organization that produces performance opportunities open to participants of all abilities.FacebookPhoto_040214_PM8

Mark approached me for a series of photographs to be used as the promotion for their 2014 season, showing particular interest in my light portraits. A series of standard theatrical portraits were done to feature each showcase. This campaign was of particular interest to me when it came to the execution of  the light portraits. Utilizing long exposure & light painting, we wanted to create a movement affect that captures the fluidity of physical theatre. The concept is simple: ‘bringing visability to disability’.FacebookPhoto_040214_Tom

MoMo Dance Theatre offer weekly community workshops & classes at both beginner and experienced levels as well as a full season of performances. For more information, please visit their website here. FacebookPhoto_040214_Emily1FacebookPhoto_040214_DSC_3612PM10

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