Rose Rokoko. from Sarah Koury on Vimeo.

Rose Rokoko is a Bristol-based interactive performance troupe offering a variety of circus theatrics, themes & walkabouts for hire and their wide selection of acts cater to both creative and corporate events. With a background in theatre, founder Rose Thomas oversees a collective of talented performance artists to add an interactive & dazzling element to any event.FacebookPhoto_220315_DSC_1027

Rokoko offers a handful of established themes carefully curated with costumes (hand-made by Thomas herself), accompanying circus theatrics and interactive walkabout performances. A notable theme is Rokoko’s PopCorn Girls which include an exclusive cabaret show featuring fan dances, hula hoop feature (from professional Iris West) and walkabout entertainment for the audience offering popcorn to snack on. Other acts offer a wide range of performances available including fire acts, stilts, hula hooping & fan dances.FacebookPhoto_150613_DSC_4716

In between bookings, Rokoko expands its creative identity with brand new showcases that have been experienced at various events around the country. Recent features include Rokoko’s Emporium which boasts Boomtown Festival’s first-ever pet shop full of quirky and colourful critters. Rokoko’s popular Carousel Ponies double as an appropriate feature for both corporate & creative events and have been feature at this year’s Secret Garden Party and Bristol’s leading corporate events company, Paradise Hotel.FacebookPhoto_150613_DSC_4636

With such a wide range of themes, talents and performances available, Rokoko showcases are the perfect addition to just about any event. For all bookings & inquiries, please visit the website here.

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